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About Open Free Energy

Open Free Energy sits at the nexus of academia and industry. Our software is designed to be stable, reliable, and thoroughly tested, as required by industry, while also providing tools that make it easier for academics to develop the new methods that will become the next industry standards. We build bridges that enable both academic and industrial users to benefit from bleeding edge methods being developed by free energy experts.

Our work includes developing packages aimed at enhancing interoperability of existing software, as well as taking maintenance responsibilities for useful existing packages in need of an active maintainer. In addition to the packages that are officially part of the Open Free Energy portfolio, our team regularly contributes to open source projects in the broader ecosystem.

The Open Free Energy project is a hosted software project of the Open Molecular Software Foundation (OMSF). The Open Free Energy Fund, managed by OMSF, receives contributions from industrial partners and uses them to support continued work on Open Free Energy.

Industry partners